Have you ever seen a peacock in full flight?




I do not own these pics. They were sent to me in an email. But I thought I’d share with you all because they’re just AMAZING.







I feel so stupid I didn’t know they could fly, I thought they were like CHICKENS, I never questioned it because these pictures never circulate, I am WAY OVER MY HEAD.



Anonymous asked:

What does fearing the lord mean?

m0neymat answered:

have you ever looked at the ocean? vast and unfathomable really. looking from a distance its beautiful and you have this sense of respect for it. You recognize you can never control it. Up close with your knees deep in water you have a greater sense of its beauty and touch but also of its power. You feel the small waves brush your knee caps. Now go take a swim and don’t stop swimming. You’re in the middle of the ocean and theres no land nearby. Panic hits you like a freight train when you realize how small you truly are and how powerless you are. Its a sense of helplessness when confronted with power thats to be in awe of

Thats what i see fearing the Lord to be. Being a distance away looking at the ocean but in your heart feeling as if you’re right in the middle. Its a power unimaginable yet its also a love that allows us to be His. Thats humbly frightening